Monday, October 18, 2010

Emily's ouwie

In late September, Emily jumped off a couch at a sitter’s house, lost her balance, careened headfirst into a coffee table, and opened a wound on her forehead. Seven stitches later, she was all smiles again! The first thing Emily said to us, when we got back to the sitter’s house 15 minutes or so after the accident, was “I want Jesus to heal it!” And he did. The stitches are out, the scar is less than we expected, and Emily has bounced right back from the whole episode… Kids are pretty resilient. She tells people that she had seven stitches, and that Jesus healed her ouwie. Way to testify, Emily! “Out of the mouth of infants and babies you have prepared praise” (Matt 21:16, Ps. 8:2 LXX).

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