Saturday, October 21, 2006

Pretty in Papasan

Lily got a new "papasan" chair this week, courtesy one of our kind neighbors who gave it to us. She loves to sit in it. Very adorable.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Indian princess

Here's a picture of Lily in Indian raiment. She turned 4 months old on October 11.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Typical American girl

A funny thing happened at last weekend's camp with the South Asian congregation, that I thought I would post on the blog, and give some of you a laugh. First you have to have two pieces of background information:

First, as you may know Indian culture has different standards of modesty and propriety than US culture, and baring your legs, even wearing a dress where your knees on down are showing, is considered immodest, especially by the older generation.

Second, our precious daughter Lily hates to be covered up when she lies down to sleep. If we put a blanket or something over her, she always flails her legs like she is performing Riverdance, and kicks it right off.

OK, so, last week we were at the Indian church camp in Big Bear. We were above 7,000 feet elevation, and it was cold at night, and we wrapped Lily up in a blanket to keep her warm, but by morning, sure enough, she had kicked it off and her skin was COLD even inside of her sleeper bodysuit. No harm done, Lily was fine. That morning Mini was telling one of the older Indian “aunties” at the retreat about how Lily had kicked off her blanket, the reason being that Lily doesn’t like to have her legs covered up. Without a moment’s hesitation, and as far as we can tell in complete seriousness, this Indian auntie says, “Typical American girl!” Mini and I laughed and laughed at the suggestion of Lily's lack of modesty, at less than four months old (!), as if she were posing for an unsavory magazine or something. It was hilarious!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Rolly Polly

Here is our sweetie at 16 weeks old in a cute pink dress. Lily is rolling over all the time from her back to her tummy now. She hasn't quite figured out how to get back onto her back from her tummy though. It is so cute to watch her roll over.

Weekend in Big Bear

We spent last weekend in Big Bear, on a retreat with the South Asian church in which Mini and I first met. I taught on Romans 8, being "more than conquerors." (If you'd like to read my message notes, leave a comment on this post, or send me an email). The camp site had a "zip line" and I couldn't resist the opportunity to go zipping along (see picture below).

As for Lily, she is quite the traveler. In her first three and a half months of life, she has been up to Sacramento, Oregon, Mammoth Lakes, over the sea to Catalina Island, and now out to Big Bear Lake.