Wednesday, May 30, 2007

A Passage to Narnia

Here's Lily two weeks before her first birthday. We laughed about how it almost looks like C. S. Lewis' famous wardrobe has been replaced by a bookshelf, and Lily is exiting Narnia after being a queen there for decades and hunting the white stag (and of course no time at all passed in our world)...

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Reading with Daddy

Here we are this morning reading Animal Babies

Special delivery

This picture of Lily was taken yesterday -- 11 months and five days old... Who needs a stork when the postal service delivers packages like these!

Sweeter than Chocolate

Here's Lily earlier this week, wearing a shirt that was gifted to her by friends. It says, "Way Sweeter than Chocolate"... :^)

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Lily is 11 months old tomorrow

This past month I've gotten knee surgery, and the whole family has been sick - all three of us were sick for about two weeks (poor Lily Grace) and Mini and I continued sick even after Lily recovered - hence I've gotten pretty backed up on my work and one thing that fell by the wayside was posting to the blog! My knee recovery is coming along. Lily Grace is coming along too, so I'll post a few recent pictures of her...
This one was taken just yesterday (two days shy of 11 months). She is wearing her "Jesus loves me" T-Shirt and she looks happy to know that he does!

This one was taken the day before yesterday (three days shy of 11 months). She's got a bit of remnants of her sweet potato meal still sticking to her face, hence the slight orange color. Look at those eyes!...

Here she is playing the guitar with daddy about 2 weeks ago. (Look closely at my right knee and you can see where the two incisions were for my knee surgery - one of them covered by a band-aid, the other not.)

Here she is on Easter Sunday with her flower - namesake...