Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Lily's great grandparents

Last week we went to Oregon to visit relatives, including Lily’s great grandparents (my mother’s parents), Robert and Louise Wolfe. Lily is actually their 30th great-grandchild! They have experienced many times over, and surpassed by a full generation, the blessing of Psalm 128:6 – “May you live to see your children’s children.” I was so happy that they got to meet Lily last week, and I am also delighted and proud that they are part of our daughter’s heritage. I have great love and admiration for my grandparents. Their exemplary life is worthy of honor and imitation.

Robert and Louise were married in 1945. They have been married for 61 years. They had five children (one of them of course being my mother). In the early years of their marriage, with a full quiver of little ones underfoot, Grandpa completed a seminary degree and also worked full time to pay the bills. For more than half a century, up to this present day, my grandparents have devoted themselves to ministry, planting new churches, pastoring them, serving on the foreign mission field, and being an example of faith and love to their family and friends. My grandfather is in his 80s, but he still goes regularly to a convalescent home where he serves as a chaplain. I have been inspired throughout my life by their faith and perseverance over the decades in the face of many hardships and suffering as well as joys. In fact, from even before my teen years my grandparents were my earliest inspiration to become a foreign missionary myself, as they were.

I am also forever grateful to my grandparents for raising my mother into the incredible, strong woman that she is. My Mom grew up in a loving home, with parents who modeled faith, loving affection, godly character and values, and discipline. The way they raised my mother has had a direct impact on the quality of her ability to raise me, and my ability to raise Lily. It is my privilege to honor them for lives well lived, and a legacy that will carry on even when they are at home with Jesus.


Wordcat said...

Wow, 30 great grand kids. That's gotta get expensive at Christmas :^)

SC said...

That is an amazing heritage daud bhai.

What a treasure for you and your family.