Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Strength of a Woman

This post is written in honor of my dear wife Mini, and of women in general. I have been so impressed with Mini for as long as I have known her, and particularly for these past nine months of her pregnancy and the beginning of life with our sweet little Lily. Mini showed so much perseverance, patience, and strength in bearing Lily for nine months. She was so courageous and strong in giving birth to Lily two weeks ago – naturally, without any medications at that! And these past two weeks, while her body is still recovering from the ordeal of delivery, there’s been no holiday or Sabbath from round-the-clock feeding times every two to three hours. Sleep has taken a back seat to keeping “Mini’s Diner” open around the clock for her little girl who needs her. Mini has a great sense of humor, and she was joking the other day that in one respect the past two weeks have been like a bad fraternity hazing experience, complete with physical pain, sleep deprivation, and nutrients regularly sucked from your body! Mommy’s done great through it all nonetheless, and I am duly impressed. If you reply, “Well, that’s no different from what all new moms do,” then that is all the more reason to respect and honor every one of those moms from Eve onward, rather than to diminish the efforts and achievements of this one new mommy in particular. Here’s to the strength (and love) of a woman!

PS: These pictures were taken just five days before Mini gave birth.


Shahid & Salmah said...

You look great Mini! We are so proud of you and so encouraged to see and read your wonderful news.

Blessings and prayers as you keep the Diner Runnin!

veena said...

mini, u look great. glad ur doing well. looking forward to seeing u soon. love u

wordcat said...

nice post Dave. It's the truth.